Your next step could be a leap of faith or a baby step toward a greater goal. Whatever you are ready for, we will meet you there.

Instant Advisory Board™
The role of an Advisory Board is to offer honest, strategic counsel regarding your businesses strengths and weaknesses. The Made by Mom Instant Advisory Board provides expert, objective insights using our proprietary questionnaire. You answer 15 questions about your business and our Advisory Board creates a custom report for $200 based on your responses. More...

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Incubation Services
We couldn’t resist the play on words for this one! The Incubation phase is when critical decisions are made to grow your business successfully. Made by Mom offers comprehensive incubation support from writing your Business Plan to designing your Website to Raising Capital. Your business really is your “other” baby and we can help you grow it safely, and soundly. More...

Speaking Engagements
If you need to Inspire a larger audience of Moms to Act, Colleen is a dynamic and informative speaker who will motivate, encourage and educate your audience ­ and probably make them laugh too. More...

Colleen Challenger Schropfer is an entrepreneur that began building businesses with her marketing expertise more than 18 years ago. Her belief in the strength and capabilities of women greatly informs her work as an author and businesswoman.

Moms are motivated by more than money. The pursuit of a personal passion in the face of anxiety, stress and time constraints is often reward enough. As one mom that I interviewed for the book said:

All I need is to hear my six-year old daughter brag to her friends: “My Mommy Made That!” and I am happy.” --Jennifer (Jaybird Designs)

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